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6 great reasons to call in Perth based experts in asbestos removal

You always look forward to your monthly round of golf with a friend who has recently opened his own small brewery. There’s a chance he’ll bring you a few free samples to try, and you get to chat about beer, a favourite subject of both of you.

You’re delighted for him. He made a big call to pack in his previous safe job and give it a go at going it alone, but it has paid off in leaps and bounds. On the course, he relayed his latest tale of progression after he called in the experts in asbestos removal in Perth for 6 great reasons.

  1. The small plant that he purchased was an old building, so he wanted it fully checked out to ensure that any works could be carried out to meet the required standards for his industry. He called in a professional team in this field, who discovered that his roof had asbestos and it would need removing.
  2. You both understand that asbestos can lead to the risk of serious diseases, which can include lung cancer and asbestosis. It needed removing for the good health of all who inhabited the site.
  3. The company that he brought in were experts with over 20 years of experience, who quickly made an assessment and delivered a quotation to his satisfaction. Only companies with a government license are permitted to carry out the works, under the WA code of practice, which was carried out to the letter of the law by a supervising person in charge of the job.
  4. A plan was agreed before the works began, detailing how long it would take and the cost of the procedure.
  5. A gang of highly skilled technicians performed the task with the minimum of fuss using the highest calibre vacuum machinery to remove asbestos from roofs, pipes, or boiler lagging. Once the asbestos was removed, it was safely disposed of following the highest standards.
  6. The job was completed on time and to budget, with very little brewing downtime being lost, which had no effect on orders and kept your friend’s thirsty customers happy. Indeed, the reputation of his business has grown through it.

By calling in the best company in asbestos removal in Perth, the brewery of your friend is now safe to work in. The task was performed on time and to budget. Who wouldn’t drink to that?

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