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A Guide to Human Machine Interface Solutions

If you run a factory and you’ve decided to look into automation, you’ve come to the right place, as we outline the latest generation of human machine interfaces (HMI), which are essential for production control. Automation can begin with a single process, which might be sorting and over a period of time, automated processes can play a greater role in production.

Here are a few of the features you find with today’s HMI solutions.

  • Touch-Screen Solutions –The use of high-resolution LCD displays allows for accurate touch-screen operation; technicians have a set of monitors they use, and all are connected via a secure network. If you would like to view a range of top HMI solutions, Google can take you to a leading Thai supplier of HMI products and support, where you can browse their catalogue of products. Hi-res allows for clarity, essential when you have many processes on a single screen and when you order HMI, you have a choice of resolutions.

Multi COM Ports – Tailored solutions enable you to create as many ports as you need and a few extra for the future. USB & Ethernet ports can be custom placed for ease of use and with an interface that is designed around your processes, you have complete control. The equipment is built with your operation in mind, thanks to custom builds.

Customised to your OS – The control system can be integrated into your OS, so you don’t need to change anything. The HMI can be tailored to suit your software platform, giving you seamless integration and real-time monitoring around the clock.

Connecting to the Cloud – Most factories use cloud data storage and the HMI can be seamlessly connected to your secure network. Factories can share data and predict situations in advance, while Head Office manages everything and with real-time data transfer and analysis, managing multi-national corporations is possible from a single point.

Online Solutions

If you are interested in learning more about human machine interfaces and how they can assist your business, start with an online search for ‘HMI specialists near me’ and that should give you the link you need to communicate with the supplier directly. You can enjoy an informal Zoom call with one of the technicians to explore the potential of automation within your organisation and that can lead to a team paying you a visit at your place of work for a hands-on needs assessment.

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