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Are You Moving Or Relocating To Iowa City?

If you are planning to move to Iowa City then it will be important to have an idea about the new city where you are going to move into.

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Iowa City is really a great place for living since you will find there a community that is very collaborative and creative as well. You will find there so many things to do and the economy of that place is growing and hence people are more attracted to this city.

Besides opportunities for job, you will also find plenty of opportunities to see cultural and recreational events. There are multiple museums, art galleries, and professional teams for sports and concerts.

In case you are presently in any suburban or urban location, then while moving to this Iowa City, you may come across a few adventures. Let us share a few information about this city.

  • The cost of living is quite affordable

Most people consider their finances while moving to any new city for relocating, and you will be pleasantly surprised to know that the average expenses here will be much lesser than in any city.

  • Convenient to commute

You will find excellent facilities for public transportation, including light rail lines, buses that can connect with many other neighboring cities all over the state.

  • Plenty of job opportunities

Plenty of job opportunities are available in the following fields:

  • Educational services
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Food processing.
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Medical technology
  • Many food choices

There are many bars and restaurants that offer different foods and breakfast. Besides, that are plenty of farmlands and farmers are producing many things.

  • Fun and recreations

Based on your interest whether it is fashion, fine art, or music, there is a certain festival which is always available for you in this city.

  • Plenty of green spaces available

Iowa City is surrounded by rivers, prairie grasses, rolling hills, lakes, and woodlands, where there are 41 public parks. Hence, you can see plenty of green spaces.

  • Good healthcare facilities

In Iowa, few top hospitals and clinics of the country are located where the best facilities are available for the residents.

  • Your pet dog will remain happy

During summers in Iowa, it will be hot and humid. Instead of spending time in air-conditioned rooms, you can cool off in the pools where dogs are also allowed.

  • Shopping malls

In Coralville, there is a Coral Ridge Mall, which is a super-regional mall, where besides shopping, there are Children’s Museum, Movie Theater, etc.

  • Pedestrian’s paradise

In Iowa City, you are going to find that the city is ranked very high in the walkability ranking within the state. Its Downtown District got a score of 95/100 as mentioned on this walkability website at

All that we have mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you will arrive in this city then you will get plenty of opportunities to explore many more things.

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