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BBQs 2U – Get Ready to Make Flavoured Pizzas with Gozney Ovens

In the UK, it is winter, and the temperature is chilly, which doesn’t mean you cannot eat homemade pizzas. BBQs 2U store is popular for brands and best customer service.

Visit their Abersoch store or order a pizza oven online. Order delivery across the UK is free. So, get ready to make flavoured pizzas with the Gozney oven.

According to the owners of BBQs 2U, Gozney oven manufacturers are committed to offering:

  • Quality materials: Built to last with heavy-duty stainless steel and ceramic fibre insulation.
  • User-friendly design: Simple to operate, so anyone can become a pizza expert.

Get ready to release your inner pizza maker with Gozney’s high-performance ovens, designed to bring restaurant-quality pizzas to your backyard (or balcony!).

Choose your Gozney model

· Roccbox

The portable powerhouse heats up in just 15 minutes and reaches 900°F for Neapolitan pizzas in less than 2 minutes. Available in gas or dual-fuel (gas and wood) versions. Weighs 41 lbs and is perfect for picnics and camping adventures.

· Dome

The versatile champion is dual-fuel, reaches 950°F, and can cook pizzas, roasts, vegetables, and more. The unit features a built-in thermometer and insulated floor for heat retention. It weighs 341 lbs, which is ideal for a dedicated pizza patio.

· Dome S1

The sleek gas specialist is a streamlined version of the Dome, gas-powered for ultimate convenience. Reaches 900°F and boasts a stainless steel exterior for a modern touch. It weighs 220 lbs, so it is perfect for smaller spaces.

· Original Arc

The advanced burner is designed to arc a yellow rolling flame across the entire oven, just like wood-fired commercial ovens, so the cooking space allows you to cook 14″ pizza.

· Arc XL

An upgraded version of the original Arc. You can install it in brick, stone or concrete. It has an impressive 130cm x 80cm cooking estate, a heat range of 500°C (932°F), adjustable flame control, and multi-fuel capacity.

Features that will ignite your passion

  • Stone floors: Authentic taste and heat distribution for perfectly blistered crusts.
  • Dual-fuel option: Experience the smoky magic of wood or the ease of gas.
  • High-heat capabilities: Reaching pizzeria-like temperatures for authentic results.
  • Fast preheating: Get cooking quickly without the need for hours of waiting.
  • Portable versions: Take your pizza party on the go!
  • Built-in thermometers: Monitor heat accurately for flawless cooking.
  • Insulated floors: Retain heat efficiently for longer cooking sessions.
  • Sleek designs: Make a statement in your outdoor space.

Beyond pizza-making

  • Roast:From succulent meats to veggies, lock in flavour and moisture.
  • Smoke: Infuse your food with a touch of campfire magic.
  • Steam:Lock in nutrients and achieve perfectly cooked seafood.
  • Bake: Breads, pastries, and desserts – your oven, your culinary canvas.

Don’t forget to check out the essential accessories at BBQs 2U store. There are pizza peels, thermometers, turning tools, a Dome stand, a dome cover, a dome door, and more to complement your pizza oven.

Visit BBQs 2U, choose your compact Gozney pizza oven model, gather your ingredients, and get ready to experiment with different styles and toppings!

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