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Box Sizes And Their Different Product Uses

Box sizes are used for a number of reasons, but mostly because storage is in essence the same concept. Whether you’re renting an apartment or home, renting a car, keeping jewelry, clothing, books, DVD’s, or even tools like soldering guns and lawn mowers in the garage, storing these items properly and safely is crucial to ensuring that you have no accidents, that your belongings stay intact, that you can find them when you need them, and that you don’t pay to return them in a short amount of time. Box sizes are made to fit various items and therefore the term “box” has multiple meaning and references. These sizes can be broken down into the following:

Mini-Boxes: These are typically small packing boxes that are meant to hold just a few items. They can either be single items, a couple of things, or even up to five. Common uses for these include things such as jewelry, tools, books, DVDs, CDs, or other compact media. They can be up to two feet tall and wide, and come in several colors, which means you are sure to find the perfect box for whatever you need it for.

Small-Box: This is the largest size of the box and is ideal for holding both large and small objects. Many people refer to these as “rolling cube sizers”. They come in many different sizes, but typically are around three feet tall and wide. In some cases, they can even be found to be taller than nine feet tall. These are typically the most commonly rented items in a school, office, or dorm.

Medium-Box: These are the standard sized boxes that most people have in their home. These also come in many different sizes, but are much more common in commercial settings like for businesses or even a home. They are larger in size, usually around six feet by six feet or larger. They can also be broken down further, into smaller spaces for storage for multiple items. This makes them a good choice for businesses that need multiple smaller sized boxes for various uses.

Large-Box: This is the ultimate box, a rectangular steel box that is commonly used for transporting products and materials. It is important to note that this is an individual box and can not be stacked on top of another individual box. It is recommended that you purchase these already assembled due to the additional assembly required. These are typically the largest box options and can hold anything from blankets, furniture, and appliances to vehicles and even larger items.

School Box: Often used in schools, these storage facilities are set up in classrooms. They offer multiple functions, including storage, retrieval, and security. These units are easily purchased online or through local retailers that specialize in these storage options.

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