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Dreadful addiction of virtual drug : ‘bandarqq ’

Have you ever felt clock is ticking when you got stuck with your laptop screen and you were overtaken by the whirlwind of addiction of bandarqq? Even though the thought of losing a small fraction of whole life savings chills down the spine but still people seduced and fascinated by the frantic pace of this activity. Sports betting, virtual poker, purchasing Lotto ticket and gambling in casino-style has become a new trend in the 21st century. With the increasing use and advancement of technology, bandarqq are gaining huge popularity among the masses mainly in young and teens. Though people from all walks of life know it’s negative side, but still enjoy being wagerer and bettors waiting for their table turn. This has blurred the conscience of people and they forget the clear distinction between a online game and bandarqq.

Why bandarqq is so famous?

  • In this fast moving world people want to upgrade their status in society by hook or crook. Bandarqq or gambling mainly marked as a sign of being a socialite. People opt for it as a ‘showpiece’ for their upper class status.
  • Many advertisements, films and web series display them ornamenting as ‘cool stuffs’ . They turned a luck based wagering contract into a prestigious ‘skill analyzing game’.

India’s Scenario

  • The Indian gambling market is booming with net worth of 60 billion per year.
  • Rising of disposable income and increasing penetration of technological appliances made a sharp in demand of online games by 30% annually.

When enchanting numbers in your bank account may urge you to click on one of those hundreds of bandarqq sites,  just remember there are many important things in your life that are in stake. It spreads like a disease and is capable of destroying your whole world. Overcoming bandarqq addiction may be tough but not impossible.

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