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How to Choose a Blender with High Speed Motor?

A high speed blender has powerful motors and one can make a fine paste of hard food particles. One can prepare smooth purees and these blenders are used to cook nice and delicious recipes. Usually, the blenders are used to cook soups, sauces etc. and chefs prefer to use the blenders with the motors running at high speed.

Features to Consider While Choosing a Blender

Here are mentioned the important features to consider while choosing a blender with high-speed motors:

Container Material and Size

A blender container can be made of different materials like plastic, glass and stainless steel. The stainless-steel container is expensive and highly durable. One can store frozen mixtures in the container for a long time. A glass container is another good option, as it removes any odor from herbs and vegetables. However, if one looks for an inexpensive one, he/she can get a plastic container and also, it’s easy to handle because of its lightweight.

Size of the Motor

Next, one needs to know the motor size. The motor is the most important part of the blender without which the blender won’t function properly. A high-speed blender features a motor running at 1,300watts. One needs to make sure that the motor is running properly that helps one to use the blender confidently.

Blades and Driver Sockets

Blades and driver sockets made of stainless steel are the best options. Plastic blades wear out easily and it’s to get the stainless-steel blades. Next, a pulsing button is another important feature without which it will be difficult to blend ice or other hard foods. The ice crusher is another similar feature to that of the pulsing button and this option automates the movement of blades. The blades stop after sometime and restart making a fine mixture of ice.

Once a person checks all the above-mentioned features, he/she can make a safe purchase. The blender thus functions properly and cooking becomes easy.

Safety Tips to Follow While Using a High-Speed Blender

One must follow some safety tips and the person can avoid any accident. The safety tips are given below:

  • Put the lid properly before the blender starts. One can even hold the lid while the motor is running to avoid any spillage.
  • Never fill the container too much. It’s good to fill 2/3rd of the jar and there will be enough space for the motor to run.
  • Avoid putting boiling water in the blender container. The temperature of the liquids inside the jar must be less than 115° F.

A person thus can handle the blender easily and he/she won’t face any complications.


Taken as a whole, one gets a clear idea of how a high-speed blender works. Some blenders may be extremely noisy and one needs to choose a model, which produces less noise. Hence, one can use the blender to prepare nice recipes like homemade mayonnaise, apple pie smoothie, hummus, strawberry milk etc. Finally, one can easily clean the blender with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water.

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