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How to Get Started with Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic direct mail (EDM) is email marketing Singapore but works beyond the email marketing sphere to reinforce campaign messaging. Just like email marketing, it is designed to help elevate a company’s value by building and boosting relationships with subscribers. Here are the steps to get started with EDM:

Pick an Email Platform                                     

If you have established a larger database, your Excel may no longer work. Thus, you may want to consider using email marketing software. This software comes with workflow automation features like autoresponders.

Create and Segment your Database

The quality of your names list is important to the success of your campaigns, so ensure you are getting data from legitimate sources. If you have been operating your business for a while, consolidate your contacts from sources like your existing email list, email accounts, CRM, or e-commerce platform.

Create your Campaign

When creating a campaign message, make sure to know and address their pain points to get them to do the desired action. Also, use visuals to break the blocks of text and make your design adhere to a set theme.

Set up the Autoresponders

These computer programs automate email sending and work by doing an action in response to a trigger such as a specific action and time released. You will want to activate autoresponders when sending out birthday greetings, product recommendations, or reminders for abandoned shopping carts.

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