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Tips To Help You Welcome A Senior Relative Into Your Home

Your grandparents have always been there for you, and now the time has come when they need your help. If you are welcoming elderly relatives into your home you might need to consider some changes. Here are some tips on making your new residents safe and comfortable.

Stairlifts – Stairways can be extremely difficult, or even impossible for seniors to negotiate. Most homes feature beds and baths on the floors above ground level, so there’s no getting around a stair climb. Fortunately, there is a great solution, just contact the stairlift engineers in Market Harborough, they can solve your stairway problem in nothing flat!

Minimize Obstacles– You might have tripped over that old Ottoman in the living room a few times yourself, or banged your shin on that coffee table by the sofa. For an older person, those obstacles transform from a nuisance into a potential danger. Give them a clear path to the places they need to be by reducing clutter. That excess furniture can be stored in the garage or sold off in a jumble sale!

Assistive Seating – Speaking of furniture, it can be difficult for a senior relative to lift and lower themselves out of chairs, especially those intended for comfort! Bring them home a new, comfy, adjustable armchair with a built-in lift, it’s sure to become their favourite place to relax.

It’s a wonderful thing to return all the love your elders have given you by making your home a safe and comforting refuge.

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