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Vaping facts that you should know about

The e-cig is known to heat nicotine, which is extracted from tobacco, flavorings and other chemicals, normally creates an aerosol which you can then inhale. With regular tobacco cigarettes, they have over 7000 chemicals with most of them being toxic. While it is not yet known the type of chemicals found in the e-cig, but it is believed that, you will be exposed to fewer toxic chemicals as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

But of late there has been a serious outbreak of injuries of the lungs and deaths which are associated with vaping with more deaths from patients using e-cig or vape pen being reported. It has been identified that vitamin E acetate is one of the chemical of concern among those who have EVALI.

The vitamin E acetate is an agent for thickening which is mostly used in the vaporing products of THC and it was one of the things which were found in the samples of the lung fluids of the EVALI patients who were examined.

So before thinking of buying a vape pen kit, it is recommended that:

  • You don’t go using e-cigarettes which contain THC or any other vaping product which have THC in them
  • Avoid using sources which are informal like family, friends, and dealers online in obtaining devices for vaping.
  • You don’t have to add or modify any substances to a device for vaping which are not intended by the real manufacturer.

Vaping is bad for your hearts and lungs

Nicotine is the main agent in both e-cig and regular cigarettes and it is known to be quite addictive. It is what causes you to have cravings for a smoke, suffering withdrawal symptoms in case you decide to ignore the symptom. You have to also know that nicotine is a toxic substance that causes blood pressure to rise, spiking adrenaline which then increases the heart rate and the likelihood of you having a heart attack.

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