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Wellness Decoded: Enjoy A Weekend Spa Adventure With Your Spouse!

After a long, tiring week of work, you deserve a lazy weekend. Instead of simply binge-watching TV or dining at a restaurant, how about taking your better half for an exotic weekend spa adventure? Spas and wellness centers are ideal for detoxing and relaxing, and it could be a romantic escape, away from the maddening rush of the city. In this post, we are discussing everything you need to know about enjoying at a weekend spa Montreal.

Think of a couple massage

Most spas do have packages for couples that you can consider. You would have the pleasure of getting massaged in the same room, right next to one another, and that can be a perfect way to unwind. If relaxation is what you seek, we recommend that you consider a Swedish Massage, while other options also include hot stone massage and deep tissue massage. Couple massages can be availed as an individual service or as a part of some package; it really depends on the spa you choose.

Go for thermal experience

If you have never tried thermotherapy, we highly suggest that you find a spa that offers this experience. Also called thermal experience, this is a wellness ritual, where you have to sit in a hot, dry sauna for 15 minutes to increase the body temperature, followed by a 15-second dip in ice-cold water (or taking an ice-cold shower). The entire process is followed by 20 minutes of relaxation. The routine has to be repeated for at least three times, and believe the experts when they say that thermotherapy has many health benefits. With your spouse, this could be a unique experience.

Try brunches, events and beauty services

Spas and wellness centers often have brunches, wellness programs, and beauty packages that are valid on weekends. While options may vary, we strongly recommend that you consider this as an option for spending an entire day with your partner. If the spa is located at a nice spot, you can even have fun outdoors, enjoying the weather.

Book in advance

Spa weekend packages are typically limited in number, and it is a good idea to book in advance. Make sure that you book the right option beforehand, and yes, always be on time for your massage appointments. In fact, try and reach the place at least 30 minutes beforehand, so that you can explore the spa and change as required before the actual massage starts.

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