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What Are Bed Bugs And How Can You Control Them?

Bed bugs are bloodsuckers but don’t spread diseases. Unfortunately, their bites are allergic to some. Getting rid is hard but you can take small steps slowly to control the infestation. You even need to take preventive measures to ensure that they are not bought home.

Get to know the bed bugs

They are tiny, flat wingless, reddish-brown insects. Its length is 1/4th inch before they start feeding on blood. During the day they hide in the narrow cracks and crevices of furniture, floors, and walls. At night they get active. Punaises de lit noires [black bedbugs] crawl in speed.

How do bed bugs enter your home?

Bed bugs can migrate from infested areas via purses, backpacks, luggage or other items you may have placed on upholstered surfaces. In hotels, apartments, and complexes they travel from one room to another.

How to avoid bringing them home?

Before bringing new furniture into your home, check under cushions, seams, and tufts carefully. When you stay in a hotel never place your bag on the bed or floor. Place it on a stand and away from any furniture or wall. When you return home to wash clothes and allow them to pass through the hot dryer at the highest setting.

How can you know there is a bed bug issue?

Bed bugs can be seen crawling or you can find their droppings, shed skin, blood-like stains in the mattress seams or on the bed-sheet.

How to control bed bug infestation?

It needs an integrated pest management approach including techniques less risky to the environment and your health.

  • Clean and eliminate all the clutter
  • Move bed away from any furniture or wall
  • Vacuum floors and widows daily. Vacuum the furniture and the mattresses or box springs. The vacuum bag needs to be instantly emptied and disposed of in a sealed bag.
  • Wash the pillow covers, bed-sheets, and blankets, then put in a hot dryer for half an hour.
  • Duct tape needs to be put over the zippers of the mattress or box-spring covers.
  • Seal the cracks and openings around the house.

Can’t pesticides be used?

Pesticides are toxic. If you want to use, then opt for labels registered by EPA designed especially for bed bugs. Never apply pesticides on your skin because they are not registered as repellants. Avoid using outdoor pesticides inside the house.

It is wise to hire a reputable pest control agency with a lot of experience to ensure that the bed bugs get eliminated in a first attempt.

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