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Which Nicotine Replacement Therapy Is Best For You?

If you have tried to quit smoking before going cold turkey, you will know how difficult it can be. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and many people struggle trying to loosen its grip and control on their lives. One of the best ways to combat this is through nicotine replacement therapy, and there are many forms of this available you can use to help you quit smoking. Below are some of the most popular forms of nicotine replacement therapy that can help you take control of your life and start living it smoke-free.

Nicotine Lozenges

You can purchase nicotine lozenges at supermarkets and pharmacies throughout the country, and they are available in varying nicotine strengths. You put a nicotine lozenge in your mouth and suck it until it is gone. While you do this, it releases nicotine into your body that helps you to control your cravings and urges for a cigarette. People will often use these in conjunction with other cessation aids and give themselves a top-up when they struggle to manage their urges.

Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches are also another popular nicotine replacement therapy, and many people have used these successfully to quit smoking. The patches will last for around 24 hours, and you can put them on any area of exposed skin, so you can hide them away so nobody can see you are wearing one. You can buy the patches in pharmacies and supermarkets, and they are available in different nicotine strengths. You will only require one patch per day, and it is best to put it on in the morning once you are washed and dressed.

A Nicotine Vape

One of the most popular nicotine replacement therapies globally is vaping, and millions of people use this to help them quit smoking. You can use various types of vaping devices, some giving you more control over the experience than others. However, before investing in any expensive equipment, you may want to try a disposable vape first to ensure it is suitable for you and gives you the best chance of quitting successfully. You can purchase the e-liquids needed for vaping in a range of nicotine strengths, and they are also available in a wide selection of flavours. You can get everything you need at specialist stores, supermarkets, newsagents, and online, and you will not need a prescription.

Nicotine Sprays

You can also get nicotine sprays, and there are nasal sprays and oral sprays which go direct in the mouth. However, you will require a prescription from your doctor for either of these nicotine replacement therapies, so it is not as easy to get as others. They are available in a variety of different nicotine strengths, and they are simple to use. When you feel an urge to smoking coming, pull out your spray and use it, and the feelings will soon subside.

With smoking being so hazardous to your health, you will want to do everything you can to quit. As such, nicotine replacement therapy will give you an excellent chance of success, and you can start leading a much healthier lifestyle.

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