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Why buying YouTube views is not a good idea for you

You probably have heard everybody say how buying YouTube views and likes can improve your YouTube channel and you are finally fired up enough to want to try it. The thing is, you don’t need to buy YouTube video views to become popular on YouTube or to grow your channel. There are several other methods and strategies that you can apply to increase your viewership several times over without spending money on buying views. In am not saying this just for the sake of saying. Rather, I have very solid reasons that after I tell you, you will have changed your current standpoint.

The first reason why you should not buy YouTube views is that it is against YouTube’s terms of service. YouTube has rules that prohibit its users from buying views, likes, and subscribers on the platform. Nobody ever knows this because no one ever bothers to read YouTube’s terms of service. One reason for this is that the document they are calling terms of service is goddamn too long! That being said, YouTube can terminate your channel if they know that you are engaging in this behavior. So now you have to ask yourself if buying views is worth being shut out of the second largest search engine on the planet!

Why buying views is so bad for your YouTube channel

Let us assume that for some reason you managed to buy views on YouTube and the company did not shut down your channel. How do you stand to benefit from the views you get? Do you know how the views you buy are acquired? Let me tell you what happens. When you buy a package from a service provider for the number of views you would like and pay the price, the company will go around paying people on the platform to watch your video for a few minutes so that it counts as a view on YouTube’s algorithm. However, if you were the person paid to watch such a video, would you bother with the video the minute you are done watching it? Chances are that you won’t look back even one bit. That is what happens in the real world. The views you get won’t be of any use in case you were promoting a brand because the people who viewed your content have nothing to do with it. They won’t subscribe to your channel or even like your content. They just watch the video for a few minutes and that it. They move to the next video to make more money.

YouTube policy against buying viewers

YouTube is very categorical about their rules against buying viewers. Their policy states clearly that users are not allowed to manipulate metrics on the platform in a way that the metrics are unable to reflect the genuine level of engagement of users. The metrics that YouTube warns against manipulating include numbers of dislikes, subscribers, likes, and views. Using fake views and bots to get ahead is in direct violation of this policy.

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