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A Lay Traveler’s Help guide to Passport Rules

If you are planning worldwide travel this summer time and therefore are confused by whether you’ll need a passport, you are not by yourself. The gradual implementation from the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative has confused lots of travelers.

For individuals individuals searching at travel beyond U.S. borders this season, listed here are the fundamentals.

Travel within U . s . States and U.S. Territories

If you’re a U . s . States citizen traveling on airlines in the U . s . States to the 50 U . s . States and therefore are age 19 or older, you’ll need government-issued photo identification, like a license, military ID or passport. Exactly the same rules apply when you are traveling to some U . s . States territory or insular area – American Samoa, Guam, Northern Marianas Islands, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands.

Visit Mexico

If you are a adult traveling in the U . s . States to Mexico by land, ocean or air, you may need a passport.

For kids visiting Mexico, the guidelines are slightly different. For airline travel, no matter age, you may need a passport. Children under age 16 traveling by land or by ocean may use their birth certificates, certificates of citizenship or naturalization certificates. Children under age 19 who’re going with adult-chaperoned groups may also use birth certificates, certificates of citizenship or certificates of naturalization.

Visit Canada

If you are a adult traveling in the U . s . States to Canada by land, ocean or air, you may need a passport, NEXUS or FAST card. If you’re going for a child to Canada by land or ocean bring a birth record or any other document that proves both child custody and U.S. citizenship. For airline travel, the kid will require a passport.

Closed-Loop Cruises (Canada, Mexico, Caribbean)

If you’re traveling in the U . s . States towards the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico using a closed-loop cruise (meaning a cruise that begins and leads to exactly the same U.S. port), you can utilize whether passport or perhaps a government-issued photo ID along with a birth record or certificate of citizenship. Bear in mind, however, when a cruise includes a weekend remain on land in a port outdoors the U.S., you might need a passport.

Travel holiday to a Locale

For just about any other worldwide travel, whether by air, ocean or land, you will need a passport for everybody traveler.

Most Sage Advice

Should you travel outdoors the U.S., even if perhaps to Canada and Mexico, a passport is one method to prevent hassle. If, for instance, an urgent situation necessitates airline travel, you will need that passport. It is simply the safest, simplest way to make sure entry into the U.S.

To understand more about travel documents generally, begin to see the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative guidelines. For info on trying to get a passport, go to the U.S. Condition Department online.

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