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Cylinder Shaped Tanks That Can Help Transport Edible Items

In order to transport food that people will eat eventually, the tanker or truck should have a few extra abilities like refrigeration capabilities and high pressurization capabilities depending on the food items that the truck is transporting.

The trucks that can act as food grade liquid bulk carriers are often called Food-grade tanks. These tanks can hold around 5500 to 11600 gallons of liquid quantities like milk and also they can transport chemicals.

Items that are transported with the help of Food-Grade Tank Trucks

These food grade tank trucks are manufactured for the purpose of transporting liquid foods around places. Even though these food grade liquid bulk carriers are used to transport milk in most cases, there are other items that can be transported using them. Some of them include

  • Alcohol
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Corn Syrup
  • Vinegar
  • Liquid dairy products
  • Fruit juices
  • Sugar Alcohols

Sanitization procedure which is accepted by FDA

These tanks should satisfy a few safety codes that are allowed by the Food and Drug Administration which is also called as FDA in order to transport beverages and food items that are in liquid form. Some of these sanitization rules include

  • These food grade liquid bulk carriers should have tamper-evident seals in order to safeguard them from spilling. These seals should be in such a way that they should be used only once and there will not be any way to release that seal more than once.
  • They should be manufactured using items that are non-toxic and non-coherent in nature.
  • Whatever is used to clean or sanitize these food grade trucks should be made up of food-grade.
  • These checks should be done by some third party as the owner or manufacturer can lie about them being in a place that may be risky going forward.

Things to check before hiring a Food grade transportation

While selecting food grade liquid bulk carriers for transportation of liquid food in bulk these things are to be made sure. The company that is going to deliver the food has to follow these key checklists for less risk.

  • The tanks that are being used should be very clean as this is a matter that is dealing with food.
  • The transportation company has to maintain all records that are related to transport and also cleaning schedule in order to be prepared.
  • The trucks that are being used should be tracked for safety by the company making the supply chain more secure than it already is.
  • There should be storage and warehouse facilities already in place as no one can guarantee the situations that might arise once the food is delivered.
  • Different temperature-sensitive vehicles should be provided as there will be items that have to be maintained at a particular temperature only.


Food grade means the materials that are used in equipment and these materials have to be non-toxic and safe in order to eat them. Food grade is not an organization or a regulation.

When any equipment is said to be food grade, it should be designed in such a way that the items that are in contact with the food should be safe and there should not be any hazards involved.

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