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What is the myth related to keyless or digital smart locks?

It is always suggested that we should always make the thing clear when we have some doubt or some myth related to some product or service.

We can discuss with an expert and seek some help to make all doubts clear.

There are some myths related to digital smart locks and in this article, we will try to clear those. For expert advice and consultation, Slotenmaker Bilzen can be called upon them clear all your doubts in a practical manner for digital smart locks.

Digital smart locks are too technical

The word digital seems to be somewhat technical, but this is one smart lock myth we can be overruled as Smart locks are created to be easy to install and even more comfortable to use. Some of the models come with a DIY technique I mean, DO-IT-YOURSELF type, so forget about the technical aspect and go and make your home or office safe and secured by the use of technology. Still, if you wish to call some professional locksmith for smart digital lock installation then Slotenmaker Bilzen can be the right choice

I will be in trouble being locked out when the power goes off

NO, no need to be panic if the power goes out and don’t come back for hours. Smart digital locks are battery-operated, so being battery operated they will continue to work even when the rest of your house or office is in dark. Slotenmaker Bilzen uses high-quality batteries and will give you approximately a one year life. In case of battery does not charge properly before runs out of power many locks provide an emergency micro-USB port that can be used to provide temporary power.

The passcode can be leaked 

We have seen many movies where James bond duse to copy the passcode of the safe place from CCTV etc Just remember, and do not forget ever that these are the movies. But In reality, the James bond does not exist and even if someone copies your passcode then you can change it immediately and different passcode can be given to different people.

Chances of getting hacked 

This is a well-understood myth, getting hacked and this growing worry about technology. It is not likely to happen easily and based on the movie we saw we presume that it could be hacked.

Reliability is more with traditional locks than smart digital locks

Have you ever faced a situation where you are being locked out and you are with your kids at 1:00 AM at night outside and the downpour is there now what is to be done, now you can understand the reliability myth if you had a digital lock installed at your home you would not have to wait outside?

smart locks are meant for rich people.

Gone are the other days, being a popular utility it is commonly available in the market and every common people can use it is a cost-effective product.

Conclusion-One should always have a list of questions before hiring any service or buying a product and consult with the service provider and before buying make your all doubt clear.

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