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How to Choose the Right Strain For Anxiety

Cannabis isfull of twists and turns, so is anxiety. Your ideal strain, products, and the dose may be different from that of another person; likewise, you should expect your affiliation with cannabis as an anti-anxiety medication to shift with time. Anxiety evolves and changes, so is how you respond to it. Also, there are several types of anxiety, and cannabis may affect each of these types differently.

Although the study shows that some selected types of marijuana work better than others for anxiety, our compositions are different. Finding the right strain that helps you with your anxiety will require a bit ofadventure, which is helped by what we are about to discuss.

There is a way cannabis strains differ in effects, and most times, these strains can be identified by colors and shapes. By understanding which shape and color make you feel better or worse; you can easily search for similar varieties on your next visit to buy cannabis online or anywhere else.

Some of the best cannabis strains for anxiety

Here are a few of the best strains associated with working well for anxiety:

  • Harlequin

Cannabinoid composition: Balanced CBD/THC

Terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Harlequin is known to be commonly found balanced (1:1CBD/THC strain), but there are many other strains out there that look a lot like it. With an equal dose of THC to CBD, Harlequin is well-suited for anxiety victims who wouldn’t mindgentle ecstasy. Its most present terpene is the myrcene, which has a relaxing effect and has been used for long as a sedative ingredient.

  • ACDC

Cannabinoid composition: CBD-dominant

Terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Are you looking for safe first baby steps into the world of cannabis? A CBD-major strain like ACDC can offer anxiety remedy without the high. Containing only minute levels of THC, ACDC uses the strength of CBD and terpenes such as myrcene to evoke a clear, composed and peaceful state of mind.

  • Bubba Kush

Cannabinoid composition: THC-dominant

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene

Many experienced consumers would recommend Bubba Kush to battle anxiety. This strain is known for its soothing, blissful high that helps you descend deeply into your relaxation mode. For those already in the game and not scared of the high or ecstasy, Bubba Kush might be the catch.

Let’s also summarize the general effects of different marijuana consumption methods and product types. This section is crucial as they also stand as a factor in deciding which cannabis product work for you better.

Inhaled methods – smoking and vaping – offer very immediate relief, but the effects don’t endure as long as the ingestible methods.

Ingestible methods (edibles, capsules, tinctures etc.) take some time to kick in but offer long-lasting effects.

To discover more strains that work for anxiety relief do well to research or see a cannabis practising doctor help you understand your anxiety and how to solve it. Do not just step into any dispensary to buy cheap weed or try to buy cannabis onlineto help your anxiety, seek professional advice.

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