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Most Popular Casino Games in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most fun places in the world. Along with the glittering waves of the ocean, it is a perfect place for a party with your gang. Not only Thailand is the party abode but it offers a whole new different culture to set up. The cultural aspect of Thailand is authentic and pure. Thailand was the only country that was not colonized. Thus you do not find any aspect of cultural mix.

Thailand is still run by the monarch. This authenticity is reflected even in the casino games in Thailand. The gambling Thai locals are familiar with different from the usual games we know about. The usual gambling games of roulette, baccarat, 21, poker, etc is not much popular among the common mass in Thailand. You must visit the Ufakick to enjoy the Thai casino games to the fullest. The most popular casino games in Thailand include:

  • Hi-Lo

It is basically a dice game. It is also known as the sic-bo casino game. It is a pure luck game and is very simple to play. You do not need to be very skilled and experienced to play the game. The only rule involved is that you have to bet whether the outcome of the rolled dice will be high or low. The won amount is higher if the sum of the outcome on the dice is equal to eight, nine, ten or twelve. It turns out to be low if the outcome is summed to one, two, three, four, five or six. If the outcome on the dice is seven, then it is called as seven. Generally, the payoffs on bets of low and high outcomes are 1:1while bets on seven i.e. outcome of seven on dice has a payoff at 4:1.

  • Gao Gae

It is a card game. In this game, the player dwells around three cards. It is best if you possess a set of three equal cards, rather than a sequence of low counting ace or a ‘sean’ i.e. a series of KQJ of mixed suits or ‘color’ i.e. three cards with the same suit. If you possess none of the above combinations, it is considered a ‘point’ .Ties are broken down in the final round with the highest single card

  • Pai Hong

It is a game played in a quartet group. The name of the game is referred to as the room card. The players seek each other for cards as they try to collect ‘rooms’. The term ‘rooms’ is denoted to a set of four cards of the same rank.

  • Jubmoo

Also known as ‘catch the pig’. It is also a card game, which is similar to the Chinese gambling game of Gong Zhu. The rules of the game are little different where hearts and queen of spades are penalties, the jack of diamond is a bonus card and the score doubles with the ten of clubs.

  • Mixing of tens

It is a card game as well. The only way to win is to target in attaining the three pairs, a pair of two cards that adds to give ten or two ten’s or equal picture cards.

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