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An Interesting Guide to Know About New Mercedes C-class In A Much Better Way!

Mercedes C-class is becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, it is dominating sales in most of the markets and for the right reasons of course! So, what makes them the best? Well, read on and you will know!

Classy design!

Mercedes C class comes with the sharpest changes in design of tail lamps and headlight. The adaptive LED headlamps, referred to as MultiBeam LED is considered to be the most amazing feature. They have HighBeam Assist Plus that can read the incoming traffic to avoid blinding anyone. It thereby maintains long distance illumination.

Amazing interiors

The interior of C class is inspired from S-class. There are normal wood inlays along with material and color selection options. You can get new start and stop button along with new seats on C class. You even get completely adjustable seats having bolsters and lumbar that offers massages too!

The new screen is an amazing addition too. The C class makes use of 2 touch panels having haptic feedback for controlling center screen and instruments. Mercedes-Benz even has added touch sensitive controls on steering wheel. You can easily just swipe and move cruise control as well as Distronic functions to button on steering.

Flawless Safety control!

The C class comes with complete set of assistance systems that even include semi-autonomous capability. The new feature called Active Distance Assist Distronic makes use of navigation data and maps to do several things that include handling speeds for junctions, turns, and roundabouts.

The car can even handle the lane changes without human intervention and make emergency stops whenever needed. Active Brake Assist helps in mitigating or even preventing read end collisions.

Adjustable Suspension packages

C class comes with suspension system having selective damping as standard. It adjusts stabilization and damping continuously according to road surface. The Dynamic Body Control package comes with adjustable damping wheel for every wheel depending on driving conditions and vehicle speed.

Mercedes Benz even offers system of Sports Direct Steer for agile and precise steering. The Air body control is top shelf suspension that adapts to various load conditions. This is especially useful while driving with loaded truck. This package is specifically aimed for the ones that are looking for accurate handling over comfort.

So now you know all important basics on Mercedes C class, right? What are you waiting for? Bring it right away and make sure to roam in class!

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