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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the Expenses Involved When Traveling in Bromont

This article emphasizes on the expenses it will cost you when traveling to a Canadian city called Bromont. Tourisme Bromont has listed all the prices under CAD or Canadian Dollars. You need to convert these into your native currency when planning your budget.

Daily expenses

  1. If your budget is less than $100, then:
    1. A Dorm bed will cost you $25 to $40
    2. A Campsite will cost you $25 to $35
    3. Self-catered meal will cost you $8 to $12
  2. If your budget is around $100-250, then:
    1. B&B or a midrange hotel will cost you $80 to 180
    2. Meal in a restaurant will cost you $20 excluding drinks
    3. A Rental car will cost you $35 to 65 per day
  3. If your budget is more than $250, then:
    1. A four star hotel room will cost you $180
    2. A three course meal in a top notch restaurant will cost you $50 excluding drinks
    3. A skiing day pass will cost you $50 to 80

How can you arrange the money in Bromont?

  1. ATMs

Many convenience stores, airports, and public transport stations have ATMs. Many are linked to the international networks. If you have a major credit card then it would be easy for you. But this is expensive as apart from the service fee, you will be charged interest. To know the exact fees, consult your bank.

  1. Cash

Most Canadian citizens never carry much cash, they too rely on the debit and credit cards. Always carry around $100 of cash when making small purchases. In many places, you will have to pay via cash, so always make sure in advance that what kinds of payments are accepted so as to avoid last minute hassles.

  1. Credit cards

The bigshot credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express are majorly accepted in all Canada except the rural communities where cash is acceptable. It will be impossible for you to rent a car, book a room in a hotel with a card. Many credit companies also charge a transaction fee. Make sure to have all the details before making a transaction.

  1. Exchange rates
Country Native currency Converted to CAD
Australia A$1 C$1
Europe €1 C$1.45
Japan ¥100 C$1.29
New Zealand NZ$1 C$0.95
UK UK£1 C$1.71
USA US$1 C$1.29

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